Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Cannot perform this Operation. The file has been deleted or someone else has it checked out."

Hi all,

One of our clients ran into an issue which rendered her unable to edit/check out documents from MOSS. Whenever she would try to open a file, the following error message would occur:

lol @ the "Was this information helpful?". Of course it's not! Experience has proven me that often these type of err msgs are misleading as you'll find out in a moment. At first I thought it was a user rights permission issue on that document library but other people with the same rights had no problems editing. This is an indication that the problem might reside at the client and could be related to corrupted cached files. So next thing I did was check the Microsoft Office Upload Center for any pending files. Nothing.

Then I found out that some necessary add-on components were missing from her IE, in particular the 'SharePoint OpenDocuments Class'. This probably happened after an update. The way I solved it is as follows:

1. Go to 'Control Panel' -> 'Programs' -> 'Programs and Features'
2. Find the version of Office you're using, in my case it was 'Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010'
3. Click the 'Change' button
4. From the menu, choose the 'Repair' option and click 'Continue'

Now this might take a minute of 10-15 and afterwards, it will prompt you to reboot. Do so and as soon as you're logged in again, check if the SharePoint addons are present in IE by:

1. Opening IE
2. Click 'Tools' (or ALT+X)
3. Click 'Manage Add-ons'
4. Change the 'Show' dropdown to 'All add-ons'
5. Sort by Name and verify if you see the various SharePoint add-ons, especially the 'SharePoint OpenDocuments Class'


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  1. Nope. that did not work for me. Will try some alternatives. Will update if I reach a different solution.